My artwork always has a link to my personal healing process and my search for new ways to connect with others on a deeper level. A lot of art pieces carry a predictive aspect, sometimes the deeper meaning is to be revealed in time. As a result, every work comes with an organic expiration date, after which I trust the work back to the elements of nature. As such I state the transience of all things, as life itself too will end one day. Practising a minimalistic lifestyle, I try to leave nothing behind in this life other then inspiration, empowerment, connection and love. Sometimes I hold a closing ceremony when a work has reached its expiration date, meanwhile inviting attendees to participate in reflections concerning the topic of the art work. In bigger art projects I make a link to social themes, in an attempt to stir up and stretch the buildup of the current pathways of society.

Staying true to my nature of pure freedom, I switch medium and language depending on the underlying message I want to carry out.

film the veil of Maya

As from fall 2024 it will be possible to participate in a “the veil of Maya workshop” on the connection with yourself – your close ones – the world. Find out more about the scheduled events.

Inspired by my contribution to the Dabrowski Congress (11-13 July 2024), I created a short film about my life in recent years. With “The Veil of Maya—Connecting Inside Out” I want to share what aspects of the Theory of Positive Disintegration can look like in real life.

Central themes in the film are emotional development, spirituality, systems theory, finding your own path in life. This art project is a collaboration with Michaël Van Overmeire (Kamer Tachtig).

The film will be released at the 3-day Dabrowski Congress, which can be followed online. My presentation will be on July 12th, at 10 am.

Tickets are available from 50$ and can be purchased here. A ticket will give you access to the live Zoom webinar with presentations from around the world. You will be able to participate in Q&A with presenters, even if the session is pre-recorded. You will also receive access to recordings of all DC2024 presentations.

some reactions to “Revealing Authenticity”

“Impressive work, I am deeply touched.”

“Very beautiful, personal, profound work!”

“Authentic connection with oneself is the first and biggest step in order to be able to connect with the world… Together maybe we can create an authentic world with love, peace and togetherness…”

“Maya” (source: wikipedia)

Maya (religion), in Dharmic religions, relates to the illusion of reality

Maya, literally “illusion” or “magic”, has multiple meanings in Indian philosophies depending on the context.

In Vedic texts, māyā connotes a “magic show, an illusion where things appear to be present but are not what they seem”. Māyā also connotes that which “is constantly changing and thus is spiritually unreal” (in opposition to an unchanging Absolute), and therefore “conceals the true character of spiritual reality”.

In the Advaita Vedanta school of Hindu philosophy, māyā, “appearance”, is “the powerful force that creates the cosmic illusion that the phenomenal world is real”. In this nondualist school, māyā at the individual level appears as the lack of knowledge of the real Self, mistakingly identifying with the body-mind complex and its entanglements.

In Buddhist philosophy, māyā is one of twenty subsidiary unwholesome mental factors, responsible for deceit or concealment about the illusionary nature of things.

We ontmoeten elkaar daar
Op het kruispunt van het leven
Het volgende kruispunt
Het kunstige kruispunt
Na de heftige emoties
En vóór de start van het nieuwe leven
Het oude helemaal afgerond
Kan dat?

Na alle beweging
Om los te komen
Om de pijn vrij te krijgen
Het nulpunt
Waar ik mezelf dan eindelijk terugvind
Als kunstenaar
Of nee als therapeut
Als yogi?
Of beoefenaar van spiritualiteit
Als kind van de natuur, en van mijn ware natuur
Ah nee, als kindercoach
Als levenskunstenaar?

Moet ik een keuze maken?
Moet dat écht?
Mag ik het niet allemaal zijn in dit leven?
Het geeft in elk geval glans, aan elke dag, aan elk uniek moment

Hokjes bieden duidelijkheid, dat wel
Dan begrijpen mensen wat ik doe
Wie ik ben
Wat ze bij mij kunnen vinden
Maar elk hokje betekent ook een belemmering
Een beperking, vooral een inperking
Van het volledige zijn, puur bewustzijn

Dat creatief inspeelt en meebeweegt
Met het huidige moment, als in een innige dans

Dát is rijkdom

Dat is waar ik je ontmoet
Daar waar woorden overbodig zijn
Waar alles wat is al is

Om vanuit die rust en diepe verbinding
Te voelen wat nodig is

(feb 2024)
Family Connections (jan 2024)
Hope (dec 2023)
Whispers of the soul

When pain comes in
Into the body
I cry with it
I scream with it
I breathe with it
I look at it
Sleep with it
And live with it

I give it space
Without judging
Without wanting
Without longing
I ask the pain what it needs
I hold it
Like a little baby
Embrace it
Invite it to stay forever
Cherish it
as a worthy part of who I am in this very moment
In unconditional acceptance and love for what is

And eventually
The pain resolves
Becomes a smaller and smaller wave
In the ocean of life
Until its last ripple disappears
And lets go of me
Just like that

Then I notice there is even more space
For love and peace
For kindness and beauty
For patience and joy
For warmth and light
For gratefulness and selflove
To radiate through my heart
And from there
Right back into the world

“Goodbye Papa” (okt 2023)
I cry for the living
I cry for the dead
I cry for the ones that I’ve never even met

For peace I cry
For love I cry

For the young and for the old,
I cry…

(apr 2023)
Soul Searcher (feb 2023)
Suffocation (feb 2023)
Purification (okt 2022)
Getting ready for the Storm (durational performance okt 2022)
Freedom (performance sept 2022)
Love Me Not (performance sept 2022)
Cow’s Head (performance jun 2022)

yoga lunch at a fastfood restaurant, for customers of fast fashion

Tachyon (performance jun 2022)
Transformation (performance apr 2022)
Dynamo (dec 2021)
Loving Mother (nov 2021)
Mother Earth (okt 2021)
Disintegration (sept 2021)
Father-Daughter (aug 2021)